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Participation Inspiration

The idea is to participate in some way at the festival. The community co-creates the content, sharing knowledge, skills, ideas, offering services, products, crafts, or entertainment… anything that empowers us.

No pressure though, attending the offerings of others is also participation.

Let us know if you plan to offer something, so we can add it to the list.

Some talks / presentations / demonstations are scheduled beforehand. At the Festival – an Open Space Board will have the venues and times and you can choose an available space to place your offering.

All slot times are on the hour and slots are 50 minutes, allowing 10 minutes to wrap up and to clear the venue for the next presenter. You are welcome to book 2 consecutive slots if you need more time for your offering.

The weekend's talks & presentations (so far)

Supplementary Currencies and the Durban Talent Exchange

Pieter Fourie

Natural Horsemanship

Celine Homan

Vuka Foodscaping

Matt Kroll

Travelling with a purpose

Zane Volker

Bamboo as environmentally uplifting and sustainable human resource

Pieter Fourie

Networking for a sustainable South Coast

Helen Dodge

Natural Leadership

Celine Homan

Wild encounters – what do I do differently

Juan Venter

Vuka Water Systems

Matt Kroll

weBambu’s Waldorf inspired education in the new post Covid South Africa

Pieter Fourie

Vuka Energy Application

Matt Kroll

The history of audio sound (without electricity)

David Marks

Vuka Shelter Approaches

Matt Kroll

The Role of Waste Management in Sustainable Living

The Green Net

Djembe Drumming

Cathy Rolt

Waterless Compost Toilet

Pieter Fourie

If you want to add your talk or demo here, Contact Us
If you want to add your talk or demo here, Contact Us
If you want to add your talk or demo here, Contact Us

Musical Musings

Jimi Ganesh & the Truth

Oscar Rorvik


David Marks

Below are some examples of offerings from previous Learning Clan events in CT, many more not listed below also arose spontaneously.

  • How to build a compost-heated water system ~ Simon Hazell
  • How to build an ultra-capacitor out of natural materials ~ David Gwynn-Jones
  • How to build a yurt ~ Shine Murphy
  • Using microbes to build soil and human health ~ Lawrence Quolloi
  • Basic First Aid Skills ~ Pieter Fourie
  • Useful Knotting ~ Rod Tritton
  • Composting, worm farms, building soil, growing veggies ~ Nikki Upton
  • Building using natural materials ~ Allan Cameron
  • How to build a Pizza oven ~ Allan Cameron
  • Dowsing ~ Mark Wellens
  • Engaging the spirit of dance ~ Mike Aldridge
  • Holotropic Breathwork ~ Volker Schlettwein
  • The Work that reconnects ~ Charmaine Treherne
  • Rebirthing Group Session ~ Julan Briant
  • Matrix Worx – quantum healing ~ Anna Maria Hagen
  • Beyond sustainability: Embracing deep sovereignty to forge resilient human networks ~ Lawrence Quolloi
  • How to use the Talent Exchange ~ Tim Jenkins (CES founder)
  • Sacred Geometry & Pyramid mysteries (@ bamboo pyramid) ~ Pieter Fourie
  • Common law, banking tyranny, micronations ~ Jan Lohfeldt, BT, Justin Maxwell
  • The Republic of Good Hope ~ Brendan John
  • The Transition Town movement ~ Samantha Rose
  • Sacred economy: The re-emergence of the collaborative commons and peer production as a viable economical model ~ Lawrence Quolloi
  • International Tribunal for Natural Justice, (unified common law) Grand Jury ~ Jan Lohfeldt, Brother Thomas, Justin Maxwell
  • Life Alignment ~ Mark Wellens
  • How to convert your chlorinated pool into a natural eco pool ~ Craig McGahey
  • Revolutionary Roads ~ Rod Tritton
  • Modern Schooling: Conscious Eco-Education ~ Pieter Fourie
  • Walking into Wholeness: creating enviro-pilgrimages in the area ~ Ayala Katz
  • How to green your home ~ Danielle Klaff
  • Revolutionary Software for documenting Plants and Animals ~ David Gwynn-Evans
  • Maintaining privacy on the Internet ~ Paul Meinhold
  • How to deal with challenges in relationships ~ Giulia and Gav
  • Conduism and Channeling with Iboga ~ Chris Walker
  • Demystifying the Permaculture Design Process ~ Ezio Gori Mer
  • Dragon Empowerment Community ~ Karen Allen
  • The importance of bacteria in our bodies and how to make fermented food ~ Jill McKay
  • Using nutrition for stabilising emotions and raising vibration ~ Sarah Ryan
  • How to make homemade natto and tofu ~ Graeme Copley
  • How do Conscious People Talk to each other ~ Bryan Madonald
  • Legalities of eco-villages and co-op communities
  • Home schooling, unschooling, free learning
  • Discussion on living off grid and setting up a homestead
  • Resolving conflict in communities
  • The Heart Space – meditation, healing & artwork ~ Barbra Cowley
  • Pachamama – Temazcal: a purification sweat lodge ritual ~ Nixiwaka and Txarani
  • Space of Love – family friendly space inspired by Anastasia ~ Mark, Sarah & Ashley
  • Common Sense – common law discussion ~ Jan Lohfeldt & Brother Thomas
  • The Community Exchange: how the talent-exchange works ~ Tim Jenkins
  • Elke’s Kitchen ~ Elke de Houst
  • Pancakes ~ Nina Mac Donough
  • Our venue is blessed with natural wildlife, and as such cannot accomodate dogs.
  • Service dogs by prior arrangement
  • Drum repair services ~ Grant Rahme
  • Mini gym / relaxation station for bodywork ~ Leslay Rahme
  • Zula Lounge breakfast bar ~ Merissa Lebetkin and friends
  • Tunnel of Love – Relationships and Communication ~ Giulia Criscuolo & Gav Luck
  • Urban Farm Girl – eco friendly firelighters, soap, organic seeds ~ Suzan McCreadie
  • Kirtan – Call and response chanting from India ~ Michael Martin
  • Local aromatherapy oils and their uses ~ Cate Erlank
  • Meditation for Vipassana practitioners ~ Misty Mountaindreamer
  • The Love Code: Relieve suffering with words ~ Ivan Copeland
  • Fooling workshop, discovering your inner fool ~ Carolyn Howell
  • Quantum Touch hands on healing workshop ~ Ayala Katz
  • Vocal soul sound harmonic healing and meditations ~ Ayala Katz
  • Reflexology and Massage ~ Liza Karp
  • Life Coaching ~ Giulia Criscuolo
  • Astrology Numerology Readings ~ Gav Luck
  • Brain Gym ~ Aurelie Lumiere
  • Hatha yoga ~ Sophia Faria
  • Integrated movement ~ Leslay Rahme
  • Tai chi ~ Chris Karola
  • Biodanza ~ Alan Hughes
  • Dance Yoga ~ Lisa Fisher
  • Partner Yoga ~ Samantha Rose and Shine Murphy
  • Stretching Body Awareness Yoga
  • The Tibetan Rites ~ Misty Mountaindreamer
  • Connecting with the elements through Dance ~ Nomvula Greeninglady
  • Souldance ~ Balu Nivison
  • Botanical Walk – Deepening Your Connection with Nature ~ David Gwynn-Evans
  • Basic Botany – Exploring the local Environment ~ David Gwynn-Evans
  • Human Mandala creation ~ Selah Dancer
  • Human Art Gathering ~ Joffrey Hyman
  • Photo Exhibition & Talk on creative Photography ~ Joffrey Hyman
  • Angel walk ~ Aumji Kistan
  • Star Gazing ~ Iris Moon Trombas
  • Story Telling ~John Standing Bear
  • Close encounters of the fifth kind Skywatch ~ Asleigh Epstein
  • Mark-making with nature using black ink and sticks, leaves, pine cones, etc on paper ~ Ira Becker
  • How to make and use dowsing rods to discover things about the Earth ~ Mark Wellens
  • Story telling – African folktales ~ Vincent Myburgh
  • Juggling Workshop and other trickery for all ages ~ Pierre Bezuidenhout
  • The power of play (for kids) ~Allison Baxter
  • Storytelling and nature ~ Allison Baxter
  • Storytelling ~ Volker and Juantia Schlettwein
  • Nature crafts for kids & Building a Teepee ~ Marisa and Regardt
  • Dolls a Child can make ~ Laura de Rose
  • Yoga for children: story, flow and sitting still
  • Story time ~ Laura Moss Dungeons & Dragons – Fantasy role-playing game (Kids 10 – 13) ~ Beth & JC
  • Clan Survivor – fun and challenges for tweens and teens ~ Nina and Craig and the PE Crew
  • Obstacle course in the forest
  • The power of play ~ Allison Baxter
  • The Truth about Sex: unpacking myths and fears, answering the hot questions ~ Valentina
  • Leo & Richard Dennison
  • Making visualisation boards and other magazine crafts ~ Suzan McCreadie
  • Skydancing for Women and Teen Girls – a practice of self empowerment and inner freedom ~ Valentina Leo Dungeons & Dragons –
  • Fantasy role-playing game (Teens 14 -17) ~ Beth & JC
Anyone can sell anything for Talents, just bring your trade blanket or a string to hang your wares in the trees.
  • Second hand clothing
  • Kombucha
  • Home made Lemonade
  • Waste art demo
  • Children’s Books
  • Crystals, and crystals books
  • Flow water systems / Ormus
  • Feather and Leather crafts
  • Books Tarot Cards
  • Bird Guidance Cards
  • Exquisite Eco Sound
  • Chimes
  • Delicious Raw Golden Honey
  • etc… etc…


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