KZN Learning Clan

What to bring

This is not just another a public event, it’s a private gathering but open to all who who are willing to participate, where we welcome you as friends and family, we use the Talent Exchange, and have a conscious camping mindset. Tickets will be limited.

  • Camping and clothing gear for ALL weather possibilities from chilly, to hot, to rainy
  • Groundsheet, shadecloth, cloths, mats, cushions, cooking equipment, plastic tarp for rain
  • All your own campsite lighting, using solar or batteries
  • A bin for recycling, a bucket with lid for food waste, an empty plastic bottle for non-recylables to make an eco brick
  • A personal portable camping chair or a ground mat
  • Travelling ashtray container if you are a smoker, no butts on the ground, ever!
  • Headlamp or torch and batteries
  • Solar cell phone charger if possible – some solar lamps have this option
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable washing liquids, soaps and shampoos, insect repellent
  • Water bottle (abundant drinking water will be on offer for trade)
  • Talent Exchange number and pens to record transactions on your Sales sheet
  • Travelling bowl/mug and spoon for when eating/drinking at others (no food packaging here)
  • First Aid kit, or the basics for outdoor living. A Fire Extinguisher if you have one
  • There is limited Eskom electricity. We have installed a few ‘streetlights’ and music is hooked up to power.
  • Bring a solar charger for your phone.
  • There are no fridges and no ice so be creative about the food you bring.
  • You will need some lighting at your camp which also helps when you’re trying to make your way back to it at night.
  • Strings of solar powered fairy lights, lanterns, battery or gaslight.
  • Everyone should have their own torch or headlamp.
  • Cooking can be done at designated fire pits only, or gas cookers/braais/wood stoves / solar cooker.
  • No fires at your campsite unless in a weber braai – you can cook on gas or solar cookers or one of the fire pits.
  • Talent Exchange number and pens to record transactions on your Sales sheet
  • Travelling bowl/mug and spoon for when eating/drinking at others (no food packaging here)
  • First Aid kit, or the basics for outdoor living. A Fire Extinguisher if you have one
  • Gates open at 9 am on Saturday, 1st of May 2021
  • Bring your ID, your Talent Exchange number and your tickets (print or phone).
  • Camp at the far end of the venue if you don’t want to be disturbed by the evening Music.
  • If we have not reached our ticket limit, we may sell tickets at the gate, but only if you have already signed up on the Talent Exchange.
  • Gates are only open from 9am-6pm. The gate will be locked otherwise.
  • There are many trees and you can camp with your car, so bring hammocks and cloths, comforts and necessities to make a temporary home in the forest. No camping in pathways for obvious reasons.
  • Use the sun for your power needs, solar lanterns, fairy lights and solar phone chargers
  • Only biodegradable cleaning liquids, so we don’t damage the environment.
  • Have 3 bins to separate all your waste and drop it off in the collection zones.
  • Be mindful of neighbours and respect other people’s space, belongings and be considerate about noise levels.
  • There are brand new basic ablution blocks with showers and good drinking water offered for sale.
  • Cloths for Shade and privacy are a good idea. Leave absolutely no trace. No nails in trees please, only rope and strings to tie things to trees.
  • The main campsite is grassy veld, and shaded with trees (first come first served)
  • You can easily stay barefoot here for a week, but watch out for the occasional hidden stump in the ground. Bring your own first aid kit.
  • There are sometimes bees or flies so bring flynets to cover food.
  • There are flush loos, as well as a few compost toilets.
We are aiming for ZERO WASTE – i.e minimising waste to landfill. There will be no bins for “rubbish”. So have three receptacles at your tent:
  1. Bucket with lid for food waste for the compost heap.
  2. Container or bag for dry and clean recyclables (glass, tins, plastics, paper)
  3. Non recyclables get stuffed into an empty plastic bottle to make an eco-brick.
Our lively recycle depot is a hive of activity, and we all need to get involved in handling what happens to the waste we generate. It is open each day from 9-11am to bring your camp recycling and compost.
  • LPG gas bottles and Butane gas canisters can be a hazard, ensure they are safely placed, checked for leaks and faulty pipes and are attended when operational.
  • Fire extinguishers are a handy camping accessory. Please do bring these, if you have any.
  • Please do not make a fire at your camp. Fires are only allowed in the many firepits.
  • We have two beautiful, naturesque freshwater dams to explore, but parents must take responsibility for their own children when they are near the water.
  • This is not a 24/7 music festival, but there will be various lively music options from the musicians and DJ’s in the Clan.
  • Music choices on offer at night will range from live acoustic vibes performed by our clan members, DJ sets, and a Kirtan music performance for a peaceful music and nature blend.
  • We love music as well as the gentle forest sounds. So please be tolerant – if the music is not to your liking, it will soon change. Check the Info board on the day for various music offerings.
  • Amplified sound will be turned down shortly after 11pm and will go on later on Saturday eve.
  • Bring enough food for the weekend that does not require refrigeration, unless you can think of ways to keep it cold.
  • See it as an interesting challenge as opposed to a deprivation -how to survive off-grid for a weekend is a handy thing to know.
  • Some people will be offering meals for Talents, and so can You.
  • Delicious organic meals and drinks will be offered for sale via The Talent Exchange for those who didn’t bring food. Contact us to pre-book meal vouchers.
  • There are many daily tasks to keep our Village running smoothly, so we all chip in during community service hour from 10am-11am.
  • At least one person from your camp should come to the Info boards to offer help, otherwise this is a good time to sort your recycling at the depot.
  • Our venue is blessed with natural wildlife, and as such cannot accomodate dogs.
  • Service dogs by prior arrangement


There are central Info Boards where you can see what’s on or post something you would like to offer in an available venue.
Please read the notices on the back of these boards too. Its our Village comms area. See contributions so far and let us know if you want to offer something.

Available Venues

  1. Live Stage – live music, performances
  2. Talks Tent – talks, workshops, movies (projector available)
  3. Demo Zone – if you need a space to do a demonstration or build something
  4. Heart Space – for the healing arts
  5. Yoga Zone – yoga, tai chi, stretching, etc
  6. Dance Zone – night time DJ dance sets, daytime conscious dance or movement space
  7. Children’s Zone – for kids activities, play space
  8. Earthskills – ancient crafts, bush skills, for all ages
  9. Beach Drums – drum jams, fire dancing, kids play
  10. Kitchen – Someone may offer kitchen space for hire to prepare meals for Talents (if you are using a venue and charging a fee for your offering, please donate some Talents to the venue facilitator for the space)

Thank you for...

  • Co-creating this abundant, magical, transformative village with us
  • taking good care of the forest, leaving no trace of having been there
  • Never putting nails in trees to hang your stuff
  • Being mindful about your community, nature and everyone around you
  • Recycling, separating your waste and bringing it to the depot taking care of your own stuff
  • ensuring any un-recyclable rubbish, stompies, etc get put in an ecobrick
  • Being respectful of other people’s stuff keeping noise levels down when people are trying to sleep
  • leaving the loos and showers in the best condition
  • Being aware of where you light up and for collecting your own butts
  • Respecting the diversity of belief systems, opinions, music tastes and silence
  • Ensuring your children are well aware of all of the above.
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