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The Talent Exchange

Trading without money – The cool thing about using the Talent Exchange is learning that the exchange of goods and services does not have to involve money or banks!

Unlike the money system, the goal is not to accumulate wealth but keep your balance at zero – indicating you are giving and receiving in equal proportion. This is what makes for a healthy community exchange system.
All it requires is a little effort, a lot of honesty, and the willingness to offer as well as receive goods or services, not for money but simply for a measure of that willingness, which we call Talents.

So if you bought things last year for Talents at either Learning Clan in the Cape, or our Kzn Learning Clan gathering, but haven’t found a way to earn Talents to balance your account yet, now is your opportunity to get organised so you can make more than you spend and get back to Zero or above. Check the below on the workings.

There have been many lessons learned from this experiment over the last four years (see below) – so please take the time to read through this page so you can be a part of co-creating a successful moneyless community economy (essentially our version of an inflation resistant micro economy).

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